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We offer a variety of customized dog walks, kennel free boarding, and Pet Sitting.

Julie Spindler, owner and operator of Ahead of the Pack, a dog walking company in Toronto, ON, has been a full time professional dog walker for over 25 years.

Her story begins when she was a mother of a very rambunctious Flat-Coated Retriever, named Sam and a loving obedient Shar Pei mix, named Natisha. Julie was a chef at an upscale Toronto restaurant and decided it was time to try something new. She knew that it had to be a job where she could take her dogs with her to work. She saw an ad in the paper for a dog walker for hire. She thought this would be the perfect solution to have her pups spend the day with her and make a living at the same time. And so, Ahead of the Pack was born. Julie has run a very successful dog walking business since August 1994.

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To us, Tucker and Hattie are more than our pets - they are our family. It takes a lot to trust someone with your family but Julie makes it so easy. Ahead of the Pack is Hattie and Tucker's second family. Tucker and Hattie truly enjoy every minute they spend on their walks and have both grown and improved tremendously. Tucker rescued as a pup, has learned to accept other dogs as a part of his pack and has become much less anxious around other dogs. Hattie, a puppy mill rescued as an adult, learned to socialize, play, and most importantly trust others. All thanks to Ahead of the Pack!
Barbara and Stephanie

"When our German Shepherd Zevy was 4 months old she met Julie. Zevy was a reserved, cautious puppy, who was reluctant to venture out beyond 50 yards of the house. Julie lovingly engaged with Zevy, took her on incrementally longer walks around the neighbourhood, until a short few months later, when Zevy and Julie were daily "besties"on a routine park & trail walk, running wild and free with Julie's group of dog friends. Zevy became Julie's "Shepherd", protecting and shepherding the group, and Julie became Zevy's beloved, and the daily play group became Zevy's favourite activity. Zevy also loved being boarded at Julie's place. It was her second home. During periods of injury or post surgery recovery Julie customized Zevy's play time to individual or "with a buddy" gentle walks, as needed. Zevy benefited greatly from not having to miss out on her time with Julie. When Zevy became seriously ill and could no longer join the play or group walk, Julie sacrificed personal time and assisted in the physical care of Zevy, morning and night, daily, for months. Julie and her family gave Zevy tender loving care, in all circumstances, rarely seen. Julie's appreciation of the wonderfulness of dogs, her understanding of the nature of dogs, and her wise and loving treatment of dogs, makes her, in this family's mind, the best friend of the dogs she is entrusted to care for, in the world. Knowing Julie through Zevy was a gift to us. Julie was our gift to Zevy"

Mandy is a 16 year old Coton de Tulear and is the love of my life. So you can imagine how paranoid and picky I am with whom I would allow to walk and board her. Julie has been the ONLY person I have had as a walker and babysitter for her entire life. Julie has boarded her so I can go on vacation without ever having to worry for one minute. She walks Mandy every day and for a 16 year old gal, she loves her walks and Julie. Julie has stepped up to the plate under dire circumstances and both Mandy and I love her dearly.