Dog Walking Services in Toronto

We specialize in providing dog walking services in Toronto & surrounding areas. Contact Julie Spindler, a dog walker and owner of Ahead Of The Pack, to know about the other services we provide.

We offer several options for you and your pet.

Groups Walks

All group walks take place in Toronto’s best off leash parks and lush wooded trails. These walks are one hour long (the hour starts in the park and not in the car). The group sizes are 6 dogs or less per walker.

Trail walks offer dogs an opportunity to run off leash, play with other dogs and sniff new scents in the many forested trails located throughout Toronto. For those dogs who are in training, they will have an opportunity to play off leash in a secured fenced-in area in the many designated off leash park throughout the city of Toronto. A few of the parks that we frequent are Sunnybrook, Sherwood, and Earl Bales off leash parks.

Private Walks

This service is perfect for those dogs who have social challenges, aggression towards other dogs or people, older dogs who need a short walk, or sick dogs who need extra special care. Private walks are 30 minutes or less depending on the needs of your pet.

Puppy Visit

This service is perfect for those little ones who have not completed their vaccine program. They would receive a 30 minute home visit which includes a small walk and/or backyard visit to relieve themselves, a feeding (if instructed) and basic training of common commands like sit, down, & stay.

Doggie Daycare

Dogs who require more than one walk a day would benefit from our doggie daycare service. Our doggie daycare is unlike traditional dog daycares where they spend their day inside a facility. Our daycare is done outside, in the fresh air. Dogs can enjoy spending the day with their dog walker and join in on various walks taking place througout the day. It’s more like an adventure than a day care and you will come home to a dog that is very content.

Special Note

All dog walkers are insured, bonded and undergo police back-ground check for that extra peace of mind. References are available upon request.


Dog Walking:

Group Walks: 1 Hour

Single Dog

  •   3 Days a Week or More $21.00/hour*
  •   2 Days a Week or Less $25.00/hour*

Multiple Dogs: Single Household

  •   2 Dogs $40.00/hour*
  •   3 Dogs $60.00/hour*

Private Walks: 30 Minutes

  • Single Dog $25.00/30 min.*
  • 2 Dogs $45.00/30 min.*
  • 3 Dogs $50.00/30 min.*

Puppy Visit: 30 Minutes

  • Single Dog $25.00/30 min.*

Doggy Daycare: Minimum 2 Walks

  • Single Dog  $40.00/day*
  • 2 Dogs $75.00/day*
  • 3 Dogs  $95.00/day*